7 Reasons Make You Desperate To Lose Weight: The Proper Strategies To Overcome

Currently, losing weight is a common problem. When searching on the Internet, there is a multitude of ways like eat less and do exercise more. However, the primary strategy is that how to get enough stamina, logical thoughts, and emotional support to apply these methods. Obviously, to have this kind of mental power, overcoming mental hurdles is a must. Below, 7 reasons make you desperate to lose weight and how to overcome them.

7 Reasons Make You Desperate To Lose Weight

Your weight loss goal is unrealistic

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The weight loss gold is the starting point which keeps you away from being desperate to lose weight, so it’s essential to set a clear one. Your plan can be ruined because most of the people may easily give up an unrealistic goal which is the best result with less time and perseverance.

How to overcome:

Obviously, setting a realistic goal to take the place of unrealistic one is a must. You just need to follow my guide:

Step 1: Determine your body type:

Don’t set your weight loss gold based on the gold of other people especially models on TV and magazine. That just pushes you to disappointment faster. You are curvier, more muscular or taller even having bone mass than others can create the difference in the total weight.

According to Somatotype theory, there are 3 kinds:

  • Endomorph: the body is round and short.
  • Ectomorph: the body is linear, tall, and fragile
  • Mesomorph: the body is angular, muscular and athletic.

Step 2: Set mini gold:

In place of putting the big pressure on what you have to do during a long-term plan, just set short-term and realistic goal that makes you more comfortable and reach the goal easier without being distracted.

The video below will provide you a clear vision about setting a realistic weight loss goal:

You consume foods emotionally

Foods just can bring happiness if you enjoy them in the right time and healthy. Meanwhile, many people consume foods as a way to reduce stress and sadness. This is just a bad cycle of bad feelings: eating unhealthy foods à obesity and inferiority complex à consuming foods incessantly again.

How to overcome:

In case you are one of them, you should apply some activities like mindfulness meditation to observe your thoughts and balance your emotion, finally, clearly understand your body’s need (when it really needs foods).  This is a way to manage your feeling, fulfill yourself without needing foods. Besides, there are a few alternatives to consuming foods emotionally:

  • When it comes to depression and lonely feeling, chatting with someone who is credible can improve your emotion. Playing with your pet and looking at your favorite things are ideal options.
  • To deal with stress and reenergize, just open your favorite kind of music and dance.
  • If your energy is exhausted, make a cup of tea and enjoy or take a bath (don’t forget to light scented candles or cover yourself in a warm blanket.)
  • In case you are bored, you can stay at home and read a book or watch TV. However, it’s better to go out and participate in some outdoor activities.

If you still can’t overcome yourself, the girl in this video will let you know how she stops emotional eating (her experiences). You can learn more or less some useful things for sure:

Read more:

You hate yourself

You won’t have the motive to do anything good for your body if you hate yourself. Inferiority complex about appearance (you aren’t worthy of love and beautiful things, there is something wrong with you, you have to wait until thinner, other people are so beautiful and why I’m not) is killing your weight loss plan.

How to overcome:

Love yourself no matter how much weight you are and remove unaddressed beliefs away your mind. Keep in mind the followings to love yourself everyday:

  • Look at the mirror and make friend with you. Say that “you’re pretty and perfect in your own way.”
  • Let eat when you’re hungry. Don’t harm your body by starving yourself. But, remember that stop as long as you don’t feel hungry anymore.
  • Make sure what you put into your mouth is healthy and nutritional.

I am not the only one said that you have to love yourself regardless of your weight. The man in the video will give you more reasons:

You fail to nourish your body

This is similar to hating yourself. Many people nourish their body by fad diets while others want starvation diets. Yet, both of them are wrong ways making you desperate to lose weight.

How to overcome:

  1. First, have a right perspective on foods. Don’t find out the terrible ways to remove foods out your body but look for delicious and nourishing types of foods which can heal it.
  2. Moreover, don’t abstain from and let your body in a starvation situation.

Generally, your weight is a collection of a multitude of different physiological aspects so you have to nourish it by good and healthy foods, as well as proper nutrients which functions the body to lose weight. Below is what you need to nourish it:

  • If you want your body functions normal, be sure providing it at least two liters of water everyday. For instance, to boost your immune system and liver, simply drink a glass of squeezed lemon every morning.
  • The fresh and colorful foods including ingredients such as vitamins or minerals, fats, proteins, and complex carbohydrates can offer more energy and nourish the body better. These are considerations: fruits, vegetables.
  • Lessen the sugar intake in your meals. Remember that your body will convert and store all unused sugar into fat. Thus, it the beginning, you ought to choose fewer sugar foods which influence your mind and thoughts in good aspect.

Treating yourself badly is never a right way to lose weight. You should know how to eat healthy also as follow:

You don’t track your progress

Weight loss is a long-term plan, but those who are in losing weight progress usually don’t have enough patience which results in getting desperate to lose weight. You had better know that in the first weeks, even months, your body can’t lose any weight and inches from the waist that is very normal.

How to overcome:

Tracking your progress will know how much weight you need to lose that may provide a motive. Follow one of these two ways to track your progress:

Track the body fat:

The body fat percentage will let you know how much fat it needs to lose. As a bonus, it also provides you some things which you can’t know from your scale.

There are more choices to test the body fat than what you can think: online calculators, hydrostatic weighing, dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry, and bioelectrical impedance scales. The healthy range of body fat for women is 25 -31% and 18-25% for men.

Take the measurements:

This is an ideal choice to track the progress because each will lose fat in different parts and different order.

If 2 methods above don’t have enough to track the body fat, you may get some helpful information for this video:

There isn’t the support from friends and family

Your friends and family who live under the same roof is a part influencing your loss weight progress – support to be successful or negatively affect to fail.

For example, if you have a diet with vegetables while other members of your family love meat, eating pieces of meats in front of your eyes is an obstacle. On the contrary, if your lovers accept a diet like what you will consume regardless of their weight, that is a significant support.

How to overcome:

Talk to your relatives, friends, and members of your family about your diet plan and ask for support, you may get surprised by this thing. Actually, I’m not sure this will suit with everyone and in any cases. However, at least you should try once time as family, relatives, and friends are an excellent support.

Nonetheless, before anything else, think about these questions in your mind first: Will they increase your difficult weight loss period? Do they make you more upset or supportive? Are you sure to talk to those who aren’t involved in your case?

Let’s see how this man helps his loved ones lose weight:

You set weight loss as the ultimate goal

In some cases, successful weight loss doesn’t mean being healthy. A few severe diseases (cancer or arsenic) can also lead to weight loss, but that’s not what you should expect. According to some studies, skinny people have higher risks of heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

How to overcome:

Make sure you get a natural weight loss progress to regain your health.

Don’t harm even kill yourself by an incessant weight loss plan.

Or you can apply 3 tips to ultimate weight loss of this man:

The final words

Losing weight is never something easy. You need to be patient and take more time as well as effort on your end for this progress from setting your gold, making a detailed plan, finding out the support to loving yourself. All are very important to get mental power, leading to weight loss successfully.

Above are 7 main hurdles making you desperate to lose weight which you have to overcome to be successful. Do you have any suggestions for me? If yes, please write your comment below and share with your loved ones.