8 Best Foods That Burn Belly Fat in 14 Days

Some diet tweaks could help you to melt away the last inch of your waistline and shed pounds fast! But what if you’re destined to be out of shape? Don’t worry since even science can prove that we can turn those fat genes off to start losing weight easily.

Let’s begin with the simplest day-by-day changes to your diet every day – Here are the eight best foods that burn belly fat in only 14 days, but still allow you to eat the foods you love!

8 Best Foods That Burn Belly Fat in 14 Days


Papaya helps to make your belly feel bloated

Have you ever felt bloated in the stomach before? It’s because the sodium degree in the body is a bit too high, so the easiest way to fix it is to restore the equilibrium between sodium and potassium. Do it by raising the potassium intake.

And luckily, papaya itself contains 182 mg potassium, which means that it can handle several digestive issues, like constipation for instances. But how could it help your weight loss?

Well, it’s one of the best foods that burn belly fat since it can excrete any unwanted waste thereby maintaining your body both fit and fine at the same time. And once this excretion system works properly, you find it easier to shed more pounds.

To eat it right, you need to consume it raw and feel free to add to your fresh salad or mix it into a smoothie. Note that while blending it into a smoothie, it’s recommended to dodge sugar if you want to lose weight.


You will lose more kilos easily by eating avocados

You should know that avocado is one of the most effective fat-burning foods that can be counted on. The fruit is quite rich in a variety of vital nutrients and fiber, which ends up feeding your hunger as well as keeping you full for a long period. Not just that, the monounsaturated fatty acids in the fruit also gives a great hand in torching tummy fat easily.

One study showed that eating a meal including one avocado could affect the appetite of some overweight people. And this effect will be the strongest within the initial three hours after the meals.

All of the participants in the study felt 23% more contented after the lunch that has avocado, as compared to when they only ate without it. Such a result makes avocado become a perfect tool as it comes to the appetite regulation and even your weight loss.


Yogurt can tame your belly bloat effectively

Probiotic yogurt consists of live bacteria that can help with your belly bloat. And researchers trust that probiotics are the main reasons that will influence the bacteria living already in your gut.

It’s obvious that we only want great bacteria in our bellies, right? Probably because it can help to boost our metabolism and digestive system.

So try to eat it before meals, which can be an effective weight-loss tactics, following one study published in 2013. Researchers found that who ate yogurt before mealtime could lose more weight and owned the tinier waist circumferences than others who ate it with meals.

To be honest, probiotics yogurt is not only one of the best foods that burn belly fat fast but also capable of lowering cholesterol and blood pressure as well.


Salmon is an awesome solution for shifting body to shed fat

When it comes to burning belly fat, salmon is one of the best solutions you can rely on since it’s packed with Omega-3 fatty acids and a good dose of Vitamin D. You should know that the lack of Vitamin D has been connected to our obesity, especially in your abdominal area.

Salmon itself contains no particularly magical power in shaving fat off your belly, but it’s a lean protein that can fit your diet. Make some positive changes for your healthy eating plan by substituting red meats or junk food with salmon. Doing so will help to decrease the general calorie intake, finally losing your body fat easily.

Besides, such a nutrient-dense food like salmon is exactly the key to any successful weight loss. Its protein will drive your satiety to restrain your hunger or cravings between meals.


Tomatoes is one of most effective foods that burn belly fat

Containing primarily water and potassium, the tomato can assist us in flushing other excessive sodium and bloat from the body. One average tomato contains 22 calories, and this is just for the entire thing! It fills our bellies and offer us several nutrients and maintain a low caloric intake every day.

Eating tomato is a must if you desire to drop extra pounds. They’re quite low in fat and carbohydrates yet high in fiber; therefore, it serves an ideal choice for any weight loss diet you’re following.

But then you’ve just heard someone claiming that tomatoes do have sugar, right? Don’t worry because they’re quite low in GI (glycemic index). In other words, they never put any big effect on your blood sugar levels or release insulin – known to trigger your fat storage.


Almonds help you to feel full for a longer period

According to one study published about 14 years ago, the participants who had a low-calorie diet including almonds for 24 weeks successfully lose 62% of weight than those who enjoyed the diet with carbohydrate foods.

One serving of almonds provides 3 grams of fiber that takes up 12% of 25 grams recommended amount of your daily fiber intake. And such a high fiber content will make you feel full for a sufficient amount of time. It’s because almonds have a unique mixture of fatty acids and dietary fiber to satisfy your hunger.

Even experts agree that you need to consume a handful of almonds to restrain your cravings — well, see them as snacks and forget about junk food. However, stay away from salted almonds but choose the raw ones, instead.

Besides, eating them every day is proved to lower your blood pressure, which is usually caused by the extra fatty tissues in bodies. These tissues drive the heart to work much harder in pumping blood all over our bodies.


Eggs trim down your tummy fast!

Begin your new day with some eggs to hopefully trim down the inch of your waistline. Eggs are the best among other amazing foods that burn belly fat fast and easily. As one study claims, people consuming eggs for breakfast tended to overeat the remaining days of the week.

It’s also a nice source of several essential vitamins and minerals that can break down your fat cells. Eggs are quite rich in protein and good fats, making the food a killer weight loss food as compared to others.

Some studies even reported meals with eggs is likely to raise our fullness and lower food intake for the next meals. In fact, having a diet high in protein like this is strongly believed to cut off the desire for your snacking until very late at night.

Another great part about eggs is their ability to torch a lot of calories. They do so by boosting our metabolism by over 80 – 100 calories per day via the thermic effect of food.  This energy is forced by your body to metabolize all foods and push your weight loss progress further.


Possess a belly-busting win with dairy

It’s essential to add some dairy products to your daily diet, from milk, yogurt to cheese. They’re all loaded with amazingly healthy nutrients that are good for your health and also a great source of vitamins to keep your bones strong.

Dairy is a rich source of great fat and protein — such nutrients do a good job in keeping you full after mealtime. This is because the body usually digests them more slowly. Without consuming it, your hunger or food cravings can be hard to control.

Most people reject dairy since they’re afraid of gaining weight, and end up replace dairy with carbs. This thought only leads them to the full weight gain. But if you don’t like dairy, be sure to go with some other protein-packed foods such as nuts, eggs, or beans.

Final thoughts

What are the smartest moves to shed more kilos? Just take our roundup of the best foods that burn belly fat in this article as your preference! They’ll stop your scale from budging, keep you feel fuller longer, and then fight your fat in the middle.