How Much Weight Is Safe To Lose In A Week?- Dieters Should Know

When dieters are on a weight loss journey, the main motive of them is to get rid of all the body fat in a short time. To achieve the result, they forget the safe percentage of weight loss that is required in a week or month. In a hurry, often people find themselves in trouble. So, how much weight is safe to lose in a week. Before starting any plan to lose weight, you need to figure out how much you are going to lose in a week or in a month.

Being a sensible person, you can’t imagine losing 30 to 40 pounds in a month. Neither is it healthy nor beneficial. The main aim of dieters is to cut down the body fat safely so that they can flaunt the way they want with a good health. One needs to eat healthy food instead of starving as it is not good for weight loss.

To lose weight safely, you need to know how much you should lose to look your best. The ideal weight for men and women is different. Before proceeding towards ‘how much is safe to lose in a week’ you should check the ideal weight for men and women.

Ideal Body Weight

For Men

Height in Feet and InchesSmall FrameMedium FrameLarge Frame
5′ 2″128-134131-141138-150
5′ 3″130-136133-143140-153
5′ 4″132-138135-145142-156
5′ 5″134-140137-148144-160
5′ 6″136-142139-151146-164
5′ 7″138-145142-154149-168
5′ 8″140-148145-157152-172
5′ 9″142-151151-163155-176
5′ 10″144-154151-163158-180
5′ 11″146-157154-166161-184
6′ 0″149-160157-170164-188
6′ 1″152-164160-174168-192
6′ 2″155-168165-178172-197
6′ 3″158-172167-182176-202
6′ 4″162-176171-187181-207

For Women

Height in Feet and InchesSmall FrameMedium FrameLarge Frame
4′ 10″102-111109-121118-131
4′ 11″103-113111-123120-134
5′ 0″104-115113-126122-137
5′ 1″106-118115-129125-140
5′ 2″108-121118-132128-143
5′ 3″111-124121-135131-147
5′ 4″114-127124-138134-151
5′ 5″117-130127-141137-155
5′ 6″120-133130-144140-159
5′ 7″123-136133-147143-163
5′ 8″126-139136-150146-167
5′ 9″129-142139-153149-170
5′ 10″132-145142-156152-173
5′ 11″135-148145-159155-176
6′ 0″138-151148-162158-179

What Is The Safe Amount Of Weight Loss In A Week?

Before making up your mind to lose weight, you need to know how much weight is safe to lose in a week so that you can stay healthy. Do you know one kilo equals to 7,700 calories? If you want to lose weight, you need to keep a tab on your eating habits and the amount of calories you consume throughout the day.

There are some negative aspects of losing weight too fast. It slows down your metabolic rate. You are likely to gain weight when you start eating normal food. If you are losing weight too fast, then it may be the water weight or the muscle weight, not fat.

More side effects of a quick weight loss include dehydrationmalnutrition, irritability, imbalance of electrolytes, dizziness, constipation, headache, fatigue, loss of muscle, and irregular menstruation.

The safe weight loss per week is 1 to 2 lbs. weight loss also depends on a few factors like age, weight, and physical activities. In the first few weeks, you are likely to lose more weight as the extra fluid from your body is lost.

In a case, you observe a toned body, but don’t see the scale changing, then you are getting muscle mass, which is a plus point. You need to adopt a diet plan that makes you shed 1 to 2 pounds in a week.


In this article, we address a common question asked by many dieters ‘how much weight is safe to lose in a week’. I believe every dieter should know that they have to lose the safe amount of weight within a week, which is no less than 1 to 2 pounds.

All the dieters should follow a diet plan that makes you lose 1 to 2 pounds in a week to stay safe and healthy with a toned body.