How To Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise In a Week | Tips To Lose Weight Faster

Normally, many people often associate losing weight with burning fat by doing intense exercises and following a strict nutrition plan. And even though this method absolutely helps, not many people can have enough patience and determination to stick to the plan. So if you are fed up with working out without seeing any results, this article on how to lose weight fast without exercise in a week should help. Also, this writing should be helpful for those who are simply not into exercising or do not have enough time and effort to invest in working out.

Exercising and weight loss, do they relate?

Short answer: No. Despite common belief of the benefit of exercising in weight loss, I am telling you that this’s a myth. And I am not trying to keep you away from working out. In fact, physical exercises have more things to do in improving the endurance, strength and overall fitness. But exercising is not really one of the proven weight loss solutions.  To back up this fact, Dr. Kevin Hall from the US National Institutes of Health stated that exercise is not a weight loss tool per se. Instead, it is good for health, and undoubtedly the best thing you can do rather than quit smoking to improve your health. However, it is not a weight loss tool by all means.

In addition, 96% of calorie intake serves the purpose of heating the body and other metabolic functioning. And this is to prove that not only exercising will not do any help but also the common belief of 50% diet 50% workout is not right. Thus, diet is much more important than exercise. And even though the combination of a strict diet and a vigorous workout is always recommended for best results, diet deserves much more attention. Confirming this fact, there are many journals and studies from health experts saying that despite several benefits of exercising, losing weight is never one of them.

Working out will not help you to lose weight. And there are of course many other ways to help you put off the weight within just 7 days of application. However, please do not expect anything so easy. In fact, whatever the way is, the most important thing is your commitment. 7 days in not a long time, but maintaining the same level of determination is not any easy task. So before jumping in any of the listed methods, I want you to make sure you will have a strong commitment for what you will do. Below are the 5 proven ways of losing weight without exercise in a week.

  • Military diet
  • Weight loss pills
  • Selective eating
  • No snack
  • Drinking to quench the hunger

How to lose weight fast without exercise in a week

1. Military diet

The military diet is probably the most popular diet and also one of the strictest weight loss solutions ever. Also, whether you call it the 7 day military diet or 3 day military diet, they are in fact the same one. As far as I know, some people had a significant achievement with this diet; they reported that they did lose 10 pounds in 3 days. But please note that the military diet results may vary from different dispositions of the body. Now let’s look at what specifically inside the 7 day military diet/ 3 day military diet.

This diet consists of 2 phases – the first 3 days and the rest 4 days. In the first phase, you will stick to a strict calorie restricted meal plans. Also, throughout all the days in this phase, you will not eat any snack between the meals. And in the second phase, you can eat in a healthy manner while still maintaining the calorie at the low level. Finally, you can repeat the components of the diet until you achieve the weight goal.

The first day – approx. 1,400 calories

Start your day with a light breakfast having half a grapefruit, a slice of toast with 2 tbs of peanut butter. Then you can have a cup of tea of coffee if you want, or have some more of water. In fact, drinking water can reduce the feeling the hunger. But don’t overuse this method, it may cause some diseases relating to hyponatremia. At lunch, repeat with a slice of toast. But instead of peanut butter, you can have a cup of tuna. Then finish you launch with another cup of coffee or tea. For dinner, you will eat about 85grams meat with green beans, half a banana, and a small apple. Also, have a cup of ice cream for the dessert.

The second day – approx. 1200 calories

For breakfast, you will take in a slice of toast, a boiled egg, half of a banana and a cup of tea or coffee. For lunch, another boiled egg, 5 salt cookies, a cup of cheese and another cup of tea of coffee. And for dinner, treat yourself with 2 hot dogs, but with no bun. Then, have a cup of broccoli and a cup of carrot. Finally, finish your meal with half a banana and half a cup of ice cream.

The third day – approx. 1,100 calories

In the morning, have a 1-ounce slice of cheddar cheese, an apple and 5 salt cookies with an option for a cup of tea of coffee. At lunch, have a slice of toast, one egg and a cup of tea of coffee. And at dinner, eat a cup of tuna, a cup of ice cream and half a banana. In fact, throughout the three days, you can drink more tea of coffee, but just make sure you don’t have any sugar or cream into your drinking. And pure water is, of course, the most preferable recommendation.

The rest 4 days

In this phase, you can add some snack between any two meals, but you have to restrict the calorie intake. Specifically, the amount of calorie intake must stay under 1,500 calorie/day. For each proponent of your meal, you need to track the exact weight of it and convert it into calorie. Thus, this phase involves proper calculation and prediction. Also, you find many apps and tools that can help to track and calculate the calorie amount.

The bottom line, does it really work?

Short answer, yes. Long answer, it is dependable. According to the mechanism of the military diet, it 100% helps. Most importantly, it brings a fast result, and it does not require exerting any effort for any workout session. And all the reviews complimenting the effectiveness of this method is legit and believable. By focusing on lowering the calorie take in, it thus promotes the metabolism to burn fat quickly. But why it can sometimes do not work? The answer lays within you. This diet will not work for those find it impossible to stick to the meal plans.

And much as important, is this method sustainable? The answer again depends on to which extent you can commit to the meal plans. If you can follow the diet and control your calorie intake in acceptable range 1,500-2,000 calorie, long-term fitness can be achieved. Also, you can have a break between each 7 day diet to avoid frustration and make sure you are on track.

Pros and cons

First off, the military diet works well because it strikes at the root of fat redundancy. So by lowering the calories intake, it reduces the fat. Also, it helps to prove that exercising is not going to be one of the weight loss solutions. By exercising, you will burn more fat, but then your body will have the natural response for the calorie reduction. As a result, you will find yourself desperately deep into cravings, and most of the times, you cannot resist them.

Contrast to the value of decreasing calorie intake and increasing metabolism; this diet has some disadvantages. Specifically, this diet is undoubtedly tough to follow. And for anyone using this method, you will find 7 days somehow like a thousand years. Not to mention that it has risks in the sense that it significantly reduces the calories. Consequently, it is common for people to experience the shutdown while using this method.

2. The best weight loss pills

Taking weight loss pill is also another common way of losing weight. However, you must be careful in selecting the brand names. There are thousands of weight loss pill out there on the market that are advertised as the diet pills that work fast without exercise. Still, their performance is highly questionable. And as I had a research of the reviews of the weight loss pills, I found out some names that you can trust.

These weight loss pills work in a different mechanism from the military diet. However, what is similar in both methods is that they are designed to diminish the calorie intake. Specifically, a weight loss pill will act as an appetite suppressant. Also, digesting the pill facilitates your bowel movement and urine function. This feature also helps to purify every organ in the body. Thus, a weight loss pill will not only help you to achieve the weight goal but also aid in detoxifying your body.

Some brand names that are highly reputable in the market of weight loss pills are Fenfast375, PhenQ, Phen375, Phen24, PhenBlue, and Adiphene. All of these brands are highly accessible, especially by purchasing online. Also, you can take them without the prescription from the doctors. They are under the assurance of the manufacturers, who control the quality and make sure the ingredients are 100% harmless to our body.

Do they work?

I know you may be doubtful about the performance of these brand names. But please note that they have been enjoying the highest number of positive of Amazon or any other shopping site. The ingredients inside each brand may be different from another, but they are all backed up by the pharmacists. Also, each brand has scientific evidence and GMP assurance for their performance. And there are thousands of reviews about them that you can easily find on the Internet.

They are the proven diet pills that work fast without exercise. And more importantly, it is more competitive than other methods because it can maintain the results. Even when you stop taking the pills, you can retain the results for quite a long time. The exact time is different from people from people. But with a proper preservation of 2000 calorie diet, sustainable fitness is possible. So in short, taking weight loss pills can actually reduce your weight in just one week. It also helps to increase the energy and moderate your hunger in the long run.

Pro and cons

Most of the recommended brand names come with the reputation. In fact, the International Journal of Obesity has listed many of them. And for this reason, you should be completely worry-free taking the pill. Another advantage of taking the weight loss pill is that they offer the 100% money-back guarantee. So you can make sure that you will receive the refund if the pills do not actually work for you.

On the other hand, the price of these pills may put you off. Even though buying a big package of 2-3bottles may save you more money, normally it takes more than $150 for each package. Also, as it discourages the appetite feeling, it may make you feel like you are sick. And for this reason, some people may think it does not work for them. Finally, the side effects are yet fully known. Some common symptoms that you may encounter are dizziness, nausea and muscle pain.

3. Selective eating

You may not expect to lose weight by eating, but this is a fact: selective eating can help you lose weight quickly. And as a matter of fact, there are so many compliments about the applicability of this method. So what does that really mean? It means that you will focus on eating more protein and fiber. These two properties have a considerable effect on controlling your appetite while still keep you from cravings. And amazingly, most of the protein and fiber rich food are what you may really enjoy eating.

Some protein rich foods are eggs, chicken breast, almonds, cottage cheese, and milk. And eating these foods has a powerful effect on appetite. In fact, eating protein increases the feeling of fullness. And as it somehow deceives your appetite, you will take in less other food. Also, one research stated that increasing the protein intake by 15% to 30% will result in eating about 400 calories fewer. However, while cooking these foods, please reduce seasoning and spicy. As the seasoning and spicy flavor increase the appetite, the method of selective eating will not take effect. Simply just boil of fry the food with a little amount of olive oil. Eventually, your appetite will be discouraged, and you will start losing weight.

Fiber is most found in peas, beans, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli. And eating fiber-rich foods increases satiety. As a result, you will feel fuller for longer. Especially, the viscous fiber is most helpful for weight loss. Additionally, it does not only increase the fullness but also decrease the food intake. Viscous fiber also makes a gel when it touches the water. And this gel can absorb the nutrients and make the process of emptying stomach last longer. Eventually, it slows down the digestion and aids in reducing the calorie intake.

Even though selective eating is less common that other weight loss solution, it does really work. And what is noteworthy about this method is that it may not be as effective as other ones. In other words, the number of weight you can put off will be smaller than that of using weight loss pills or military diet. However, for those who want to lose weight without risking their physical condition, selective eating remains a good option.

4. No snack

The first thing to do is to throw way all the snacks or place them where you cannot see them. We all know that snacks and fast foods have always been enemies to your weight. Their ingredients are mostly fat, oil and sugar. And the manufacturers know exactly how to make the flavor so good that you can’t help eating. However, there is absolutely nothing in snacks and fast food that is not bad for your health. Thus, saying no to snack helps you to lose weight by decreasing the fat intake.

Also, replace the snack with fruit and veggies. These foods not only have effect in weight loss but also hydrate your body. Moreover, higher consumption of fruits and veggies can aid in slowing down the aging process and promote overall fitness. A tip for eating is that you should eat slowly and chew thoroughly. Or else, you can have your meals on small plates and divide your meal into 2 or 3 phases. Eventually, you will find yourself easier to get the feeling of fullness.

5. Drinking to quench the hunger

Drinking more water can deceive the hunger. So whenever you are about to eat something, drink a cup of water, tea or coffee. Then if you still feel the need of eating, treat yourself with something healthy. And although this method, in fact, will not help you to burn fat, it aids in a lot in weight loss attempt.  Not to mention that many people think they are hungry when in fact they are not. In some case, people confuse the feeling of hunger with the feeling of fulfilling themselves emotionally. In other words, you are not hungry; you are just sad.

Furthermore, if you take in enough water, there is a strong likelihood that the feeling of hunger will soon get away. However, what you should take into serious consideration is that drinking too much water has never been a good idea. A typical adult averages around 1.5 liters of water every day. And if you drink too much water, as stated previously, it will bring you diseases relating to hyponatremia.

Which one is the best weight loss solution?

All the methods above can help you to lose weight without exercise in a week. However, again, the answers depends on how much weight you want to lose. If you want to lose 10 pounds in 3 days, which is a big deal, military diet and weight loss pills should be in use. Otherwise, if you are looking for an easier and cheaper method, selective eating, no snack and more water drinking are on the list. And again, I want to remind you that, whichever option you may choose, make sure that you will stick to the plan.

To put all the methods in comparison, I have some conclusion. Each method has its best and worst. Specifically, military diet is the fastest yet toughest method. Taking weight loss pills is the most common and the least economical method. Selective eating is the most enjoyable and least effective method. No snack is the safest and the hardest-to-resist method. And water drinking is the healthiest and most frustrating method. So finally, what is your specific goal in your weight loss attempt? Elaborate it, and you will find out the answer.


In short, I am not forcing you to follow any method. And for those who are looking for a walkthrough on how to lose weight fast without exercise in a week, you now have my list. This article does not serve the purpose of degrading the reputation of exercising. Instead, it should be a thorough piece of writing for those who are in need of a weight loss method that works. I strongly hope that you can find what you need in this article. And if you have anything to ask or comment, please let me know. I am more than happy that you spent your time reading my article. Much thank for that, bye.