What Can I Do To Suppress My Appetite Naturally?

In order to lose weight, one has to suppress the hunger. Now, the question arises, what can I do to suppress my appetite? If you can’t control your appetite, then you will be gaining weight. There are gazillions of dieters all over the world try different ways to suppress their appetite. Over the counter appetite suppressant pills are also used for the same purpose. But, many people don’t prefer to use over the counter appetite suppressant pills for many reasons. Garcinia cambogia is a natural over the counter appetite suppressant that works amazingly. There are many over the counter appetite suppressants that are popular among the masses due to the superb result.

Apart from over the counter appetite suppressant pills, there is another way to suppress your appetite. What Can I do to suppress my appetite? Check the next section to get your answer

Take Enough Protein

The first way or answer to your question on what can I do to suppress my appetite is to add protein to your diet. Protein has the potential to keep you full for longer, and hence, you will be eating less at the next meal. It makes you lose weight. Let’s compare two different breakfast menu, if a person eats an egg, while the other one takes bagels. The person, who eats egg lose around 65% more body weight as compared to the one, who takes bagels. Apart from suppressing your appetite, protein also prevents muscle loss.


Coffee is beneficial for your health as well improves your sports performance. Drinking coffee is good for suppressing appetite. Decaf coffee makes you feel fuller for around 3 hours, so if you want to suppress your appetite to a greater extent, then decaf coffee is the best thing to add to your daily routine. In actual, it increases the release of a hormone called peptide YY, also known as PYY, which is responsible to produce this hormone in the gut in a response to eating and gives you a feeling of satiety.

Fiber To Your Diet

It is another way to suppress your hunger. Adding fiber to your diet initiates the release of fullness hormone. Consuming high fiber actually stretches your stomach and slows the rate of emptying it.  Including lentils, chickpeas, peas, or beans to your diet can make you feel fuller by 31% as compared to the one, who doesn’t add these to his diet. Whole grains are also rich in fiber and can also make you achieve satiety. If you take 14 grams of fiber on a regular basis, then you will be losing 4.2 lbs in 3.8 months.

Add Ginger

Ginger offers many health benefits. It has been used in cooking. Ginger is known to reduce muscle pain, nausea, blood sugar levels, inflammation, and also improve digestion. Moreover, ginger reduces the hunger.

Omega-3 Fats

It is found in algae and fish oils. Adding omega-3 fats in your diet can be beneficial for suppressing your hunger by increasing the level of the fullness hormone known as leptin. As you feel fuller after every meal, you will automatically be taking fewer calories that also lead to weight loss. It is also good for obese and overweight people.

Drink Plenty Of H2O

Water has the tendency to decrease the hunger feel before each meal. Drinking two glasses of water before a meal makes you eat 22% lesser than others, who don’t drink. Water basically stretches your stomach and sends a fullness signal to your brain. It would not be wrong to say that water promotes weight loss. Water is an awesome addition to your daily routine than strong over the counter appetite suppressant.


People, who worry about the weight gain often ask, what can I do to suppress my appetite naturally? There are many foods that you can add to your diet to control your hunger such as adding fiber, protein, ginger, omega-3 fats, and plenty of water. Although these foods sound so simple, it has greater impacts on your body, especially the fullness hormone. Other than that, some dieters also prefer over the counter appetite suppressant pills that make them control their hunger and also helps weight loss. Both ways are effective. You can try the one you are comfortable with.