TOPS Weight Loss Review | Does TOPS Really Help You To Lose Weight?

Among all the known weight loss solutions, TOPS has long been a dominant one. In fact, TOPS, which stands for “Take Off Pounds Sensibly”, is a weight loss program that made its debut nearly 70 years ago. And amazingly, it has been keeping its prevalence until today. However, there has also been a controversy along the way on whether or not this program can really help people to achieve their weight goal. Thus, my TOPS Weight Loss Review will provide an in-depth look at this infamous program.

TOPS weight loss program

tops weight loss

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TOPS Club, Inc. (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) is a nonprofit program that connects the weight loss support groups in chapters all over the world. This charitable corporation was founded in 1948 by Esther S. Manz. It was born around the kitchen table when Mrs. Manz and her friends discussing on how to support each other to lose weight and have a healthier lifestyle.

The primary goal of this organization is to create a network of which people come and help each other to take off their weight sensibly. Also, TOPS assists overweight people by forming the support group system for the members during their weight loss path. Until now, TOPS has its scope reaching 10,000 chapters with about 180,000 members around the globe.

TOPS program does not limit members to any particular weight-loss plan. In fact, it encourages people into the club membership whether or not they are following any plan. Every week, members come to the meeting to report their weight record and support each other in the process of reaching the weight goal.

The content of the sessions focuses on sharing motivation, nutrition plans, and exercises for weight loss and overall fitness. And there are prizes funded every week from the members to award to those with the best performance. Some of the most common awards are “loser of the month”, “loser of the year”, “best overall improvement”, and “maintaining weight goal for KOPS” (Keep Off Pounds Sensibly).

Pros and cons


Massive support

By “support” I don’t only mean the support from members to members but also the assistance from the supporting teams and TOPS medical research. First, by coming to the weekly meetings, members can share their experiences with each other. Second, the supporting team is highly responsive and helpful, who will facilitate a lot for members’ weight loss plan. Third, the medical research from TOPS focuses on obesity and metabolic issues. They are designed to dig out the roots of members’ problem, making it more feasible for them to follow the plan.


TOPS has long gained its reputation as a helpful nonprofit organization for overweight people. Additionally, the organization also has its recognition for the members. The local and state chapters reward members for their improvement. The rewards thus further motivate them to be more willing to join the club and to follow their plan.

Variety of weight loss plans

The TOPS weight loss program does not restrict any member to any particular weight loss plan. And members can freely share which method works for them. Members approach a board range of options for their weight loss solution such as taking the best weight loss pills or sticking to the military diet. Eventually, the abundance of weight loss methods may inspire members to contribute and investigate which method is the best one for them.


Unguaranteed result

There is no guarantee for any plan that TOPS provides. And there is no warranty, no refund policy the method does not work. Any method that you follow is the experience of another member or the advice of the supporting team. So if it is not functioning, you just cannot complain.

Unappealing concept

The concept and the operation structure of TOPS seem to remain unchanged since its establishment in 1948. In fact, it has been a little bit behind the day because the concept has no longer been suitable for the young adults. And as you can see in real-life meetings, the majority of members are mid-age women.

Most of the overweight these days choose to consult medical advice or information on the Internet for their weight loss plan. And the idea of joining a club talking and sharing seems not to be interesting at all. Let alone the fact that there are thousands of weight loss products available on today’s market.


Even though TOPS weight loss program offers many variations of weight loss plan, it may not be able to control the extent of your commitment to the plan. In fact, members are inclined to switch to another option when they realize a certain method is not useful. And for this reason, they may lack the consistency in their weight loss plan. Eventually, they get stuck in the middle of the confusion of finding the ultimate plan that works.

Does TOPS really help you to lose weight?

Yes and No. And I’m not trying to confuse you. Let me explain.

For whom it’s Yes?

TOPS weight loss program is ideal for those who are willing to have the elaborate discussion on their cases. Inside TOPS, members get close together and back each other up. This is a place where you can share your stories and get both experiential help from other members and professional medical advice from the supporting team. So if you want to seek assistance and support from other people to be motivated for your weight loss plan, this program is for you.

Also, TOPS is the best choice for those who have free time to join the club every week. TOPS is not only where you can get help from others but also a community activity that offers more relationships. Being close to people who have the same problem and the same goal further inspires you to achieve your weight goal.

For whom it’s No?

This program is not compatible for those who are simply not into socializing or who don’t have much free time to join. As a matter of fact, the majority of adults these days prefer some weight loss methods that are convenient and easy to apply at home. Normally, they are much more into taking diet pills that work fast without exercise. Later in my writing, you will find out some of the weight loss brand names that you can trust.

And if you are any of those who don’t enjoy waiting for the result of the weight loss plan, TOPS is also not a good idea. The principle of TOPS is to elevate people to their overall healthy lifestyle. And it’s a long way to go. However, there are in fact many ways to lose weight fast, one of them is to take the weight loss pills with the best reputation on the market. So in short, if you are not into waiting, exercising, or getting confused by many different consultations, TOPS weight loss plan is not for you. And just so you know, there are many other options for you to take other than just joining this organization.

Competitive substitutes

As the TOPS weight loss program will not be enjoyable for many people, those who are not into part taking in it have several other options. And those who want to see quick result are better taking the weight loss pills. Typically, people seem to be highly skeptical about the performance of these products. And they have good enough reasons to be so.

However, what you should note is that, on today’s market, there are many reputable weight loss pills you can trust. Even though they are the diet pills that work fast without exercise, you should have nothing to worry about the side effects. In fact, you can still tell the effects are there, but they won’t be doing any harm to your health. My writing will now guide you how to choose the best diet pills and specify some highly recommended brands.

What makes a good weight loss pill?

Ingredients determines the performance

The ingredients should be visible on the package and consistent with the information on its official website. Look at the ingredients and search for their effects to know what the pills will do to your body. For example, the ingredients of PhenQ are Capsimax powder, calcium carbonate, chromium picolinate, caffeine, nopal, and L-carnitine furmarate. These ingredients all help to burn fat, reduce the appetite, and boost overall well-being. Thus, the ingredients play a vital role in determining whether or not the pills actually work.

Best diet pills comes with high-class GMP assurance

There must be the quality guarantee from the manufacturer of the pills. Otherwise, you should be extremely careful because there may be serious side effects. PhenBlue does a great job in this aspect. You can easily find out the GMP assurance from Intechra Health on its official website. And for this reason, this brand can excellently reinforce the belief and recognition of the consumers.

You don’t have to compromise your health for your weight

And you know I am talking about the extent of the side effects. As a matter of fact, best diet pills will not take anything from you but your weight. However, common mild side effects are insomniac and slight feeling of nausea. The reason for this again lies in the ingredients. The green tea extract and caffeine suppress your cravings and reduce your sleeping time. Again, these effects should not be your worry because they soon end after 2-3 days of using the pills.

Refund policy

A high-class weight loss pill must have the money-back guarantee. And more importantly, the assurance must be transparent and customer-focused. Specifically, it must offer the refund as soon as you feel disappointed about the performance of the pills. Also, the support center must be helpful and friendly in assisting you to find out your problems and recommend the solutions. Some brands that have my high appreciation are PhenBlue, FenFast375, and Phen24.

Positive reviews

The best way to know if it works is to listen to others’ experiences while using it. You can either search for the reviews on the Internet or ask anyone you know that are using or had a time using it. As I had a research on the number of positive reviews on the popular weight loss pill brands, those with the most compliments are Phen375, Adiphene, and PhenQ.

What are some of my recommendations for the weight loss pills?

I am not forcing you to lay your belief in any particular brand name. However, there are some names that I want to highly recommend to you. They are Fenfast375, PhenQ, Phen375, Phen24, PhenBlue, and Adiphene. And please note that, whatever name you may choose, read more about it on its official website. Finally, read the instruction carefully and follow the pill plan.

Tips for taking weight loss pills

Stick to the plan

No method ever works if you don’t stick to the plan. And taking the weight loss pills is of course never an exception. They are the diet pills that work fast without exercise, but it won’t work if you don’t stick to it. So my advice is you should set an alarm clock for the “pill time”. This will keep you on track with the medicine plan every day.

Listen to your body

Although I said that the side effects should be your worry, I didn’t mean to hint you to take the pills anyway you like. In fact, if the instruction says you should not exceed 2 pills per day. Taking 3 pills per day may indeed cause some unexpected consequences.

Enjoy the results

This does not sound like a tip, but it really is. Taking the high-quality weight loss pill definitely helps. But over taking it to achieve some unrealistically slim figure will never be my recommendation. After achieving the weight goal, you should maintain the result by keep taking the pills with less frequency and fewer doses.


In a nutshell, this writing serves the purpose of providing you the knowledge on TOPS weight loss program. And more importantly, it shows if this program is likely to work for you. Finally, either your answer is Yes or No, taking the high-class weight loss pills worth you’re a lot more than just your money. Hope you find this writing useful, see you then.