How To Take Green Coffee Bean Extract For Weight Loss

Green Coffee Bean Extract has created a buzz for weight loss. Although green coffee beans offer many health advantages, it is still famous for reducing the body weight. Green Coffee beans are actually unroasted beans of Coffea fruits. The roasted coffee decreases the Chlorogenic acid so you will not be able to get benefits from it.  The two main components of Green Coffee beans are Chlorogenic acid and caffeine. It suppresses your appetite, reduces fat, boosts metabolism, improves blood circulation, decreases the sugar absorption, and lowers blood pressure. In short, it’s great for maintaining overall health. Now, you must be curious to know about how to take Green Coffee Bean Extract for weight loss.

How Does Green Coffee Extract Work For Losing Weight?

Chlorogenic acid is one of the active components that help burn fat. The beans of Green coffee are green in color because it is not roasted like a regular coffee. The roasting process adds color, taste, and aroma to the coffee, but it destroys the main element that is essential for weight loss, which is called Chlorogenic acid. This chemical improves and boosts your metabolism that aids in weight loss. Basically, it targets the root cause of weight gain. Hence, it would not wrong to call it a great weight loss agent.

How to take Green Coffee Bean Extract for weight loss

Green Coffee is available in different forms and of course, you can select the one you find easier to take.

  • Green Coffee Extract

It has more nutrients and has a great amount of Chlorogenic acid. You can find it in the form of powder, capsules, and tablets. Chlorogenic acid is found by extracting the processed green coffee beans.  There are a lot of green coffee capsules are available on the market and many are quite popular among the masses. Most of the people prefer to take green coffee extract by various ways.

  • Soluble Green Coffee

This form of green coffee is ready to use as you just have to pour water to the powder of green coffee, one teaspoon. There are three kinds of soluble green coffee; granulated, freeze dried, and powdered. The granular coffee is made by coffee powder accumulation and to form pellets using steam. The freeze dried coffee is considered the best quality soluble coffee that is prepared by freezing the infusion of coffee and vacuuming in order to dehydrate the crystals of coffee. The powdered coffee is produced by crushing the beans of green coffee in hot water in pressure. The soluble coffee can be made instantly, but it has a higher amount of caffeine as compared to the green coffee extract.

How To Lose Weight With Green Coffee?

Losing weight seems a difficult task because most of the people don’t know the correct way or the procedure. If you follow the right way, then you will witness the quick weight loss yourself. Same goes with the Green coffee. Take a look at the uses of green coffee for weight loss.

Green Coffee

Buy a green coffee bean pack from any shop. Next step is to grind the coffee beans in a grinder. Do not use the artificial sweetener and sugar as you are using the green coffee for weight loss. You can add other ingredients to your green coffee to get quick results.

  • Green Coffee With Turmeric

It sounds like an odd combination, but trust me, the result will be amazing as turmeric help weight loss because it has the tendency to boost fat metabolism, reduce inflammation, and increase insulin sensitivity. Half teaspoon of crushed turmeric root should be added in the coffee and let the turmeric root steep for 2 to 3 minutes.

  • Green Coffee with Ginger

Add a teaspoon of crushed ginger to your green coffee at the time you are brewing it. Let it steep it for around 5 minutes, then you can strain and drink your coffee. The gingerol present in ginger gives a thermic effect to the body. Moreover, it has the ability to increase insulin sensitivity.

  • Green Coffee With Cinnamon

This is the third ingredient, the cinnamon that has anti-inflammatory properties. It also minimizes LDL cholesterol, improves insulin sensitivity, and regulates blood sugar level. You need to add one cinnamon stick of one inch in water and leave it for the whole night. Next morning, use the water to make green coffee.

Green Coffee Supplements For Weight Loss

Green coffee bean extracts are available in the form of pills and people prefer using it over other ways as it can easily be purchased online. A bottle can last for 1 month or more depend on the brand you pick. The amount of chlorogenic acid is also different; some manufacturers offer 50%, few launched with 45%, you can also get it with various amounts of chlorogenic acid.

The green coffee capsules are quite effective and people are getting benefits out of it. Svetol is a renowned brand and trusted by many people. With a lot of advantages, the main thing that grabs our eyeballs is the ‘weight loss’ word. Hence, people who are looking to reduce weight are attracted towards it and it fulfills their dreams.

Only green coffee capsules are not enough to get size zero figure. For this, you need to combine it with exercise and healthy eating habits as this will create a big difference and make you slimmer.

Right Time To Drink Green Coffee For Weight Loss


Taking the right pill or coffee at the right time is indispensable, especially when it’s about losing weight. Take a look at the right times to have green coffee extract

  • Before and after morning workout
  • 30 minutes before breakfast
  • Before lunch
  • With snacks at lunch


Green coffee is one of the best solutions to lose weight. The unroasted seed is used to make green coffee that contains a higher amount of chlorogenic acid that provides amazing benefits to the body. In this article, we shed some light on how to take green coffee extract for weight loss. Hope it helps!