What Are Caffeine Anhydrous Side Effects You Should Know?

The coffee and tea that starts our day as there is the majority of the population who cannot imagine the morning without coffee, contains caffeine and we all are cognizant of it. There are many benefits hidden in caffeine that we are also aware of. Caffeine can be found in morning drinks as well as many energy drinks. Before proceeding towards caffeine anhydrous side effects, I would like to tell you what it is.

Caffeine anhydrous is the powdered form of caffeine that is water-free. The term ‘Anhydrous’ means ‘without water’ and use in many weight loss pills. It is also added to different supplements as an additive. It is found in guarana berries, tea leaves, and coffee beans.  Caffeine anhydrous contains a higher amount of caffeine as compared to the coffee, soft drinks, and tea. An amount of caffeine in 1/10 teaspoon of caffeine anhydrous is equal to 1 cup of coffee, which is definitely higher.

Caffeine anhydrous promotes weight loss and that’s the reason it is found in many weight loss pills. Supplements of caffeine anhydrous are also available on the market. Besides aiding weight loss, caffeine anhydrous also has side effects. Take a look at the caffeine anhydrous side effects.

Side Effects

Caffeine, whether in natural form or the powder form, the side effects are similar after all it is caffeine. If you exceed the dosage limit, then you are likely to have serious side effects that can be a threat to your health. The recommended dosage is around 300 mg per day, taking more than that can lead to serious health issues. Some caffeine anhydrous side effects are as follow

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  • People, who are taking caffeine anhydrous for quite some time usually get addicted to it. The sudden withdrawal makes them uncomfortable. It is a stimulant to CNS (central nervous system), and the daily usage makes you depend on it. It is not a serious type of addiction, but withdrawal can give you some tough days with some discomforts.
  • An excess amount of caffeine in the body can cause calcium to flush out. People with low bone density or osteoporosis should have to limit the intake of caffeine anhydrous as it can dangerous for their health. It also affects the absorption of calcium that makes your bones weak.
  • It can also make people psychotic and manic if taken caffeine anhydrous in an excess amount. Loss of reasoning, hallucination, and disorientation are also caffeine anhydrous side effects.
  • Depression, irritation, anxiety disorder, sleeping disorder, dizziness, blurred vision, increased heart rate, nervousness, hypotension, vomiting, muscle twitching, slurred speech pattern, dehydration, headache, glaucoma, and bipolar disorder are the caffeine anhydrous side effects.


Caffeine anhydrous found in weight loss pills as it aids weight loss. But you need to limit the intake as caffeine anhydrous side effects are also there. Taking the excess amount of caffeine is dangerous for your health and can also lead to death. Never consume more than 300 mg in a day and to be on a safe side, talk to your doctor before taking it.