Green Tea Diet Pills Review – Is It Worth Its Weight In Gold?

Does the green tea diet pills worth to be one of the best diet pills 2017? This article will give you the answer by offering an in-depth look at it.

It is one of the healthiest beverages on the planet. And listing its benefits to our health may take forever to be done. Still, some of the most significant values of this herb are burning fat, killing bacteria, promoting brain function and overall fitness. Just so you know, we are talking about green tea. Also, realizing the enormous benefit of green tea in defeating obesity, many pharmacy corporations have been developing weight loss pills from green tea.  Despite the fierce competition among many different brand names. The green tea diet pills seem to be the dominating name these days. Let’s find out in this article if it’s really the best weight loss pills.

Overview – Green Tea diet pills

The green tea diet pills are designed as a weight management and antioxidant supplement. The manufacturer of green tea diet pills is Evolution Slimming. This brand name has its high reputation in producing herbal supplements for optimum health. Specifically, some other bestsellers are Raspberry Ketona Pure and Detox, Green Coffee Bean Pure, and EvoTea Teatox Herbal Weight Loss Tea. As the ingredients are mostly the extract from herbs, Evolution Slim claims the quality and safety of the products with confidence. Now let’s look at the specs of the green tea diet pills.

  • green tea diet pillsEditor Rating:
  • Product name: Green Tea Extra Strength 10,000mg 95% Polyphenols
  • Origin: UK
  • Capsule number: 90 green tea capsules for weight loss (each capsule has 500mg of 20:1 extract)
  • Vegans/Vegetarians compatibility: 100%
  • GMP standard assurance: Available
  • Official website: Click HERE
  • Price: $6.99 for 90 capsules

How does it work?

The primary function of the green tea diet pills is fat burning. And we all know how powerful is green tea extract in doing this. In fact, a study showed that green tea could increase the fat oxidation 17% and also aids in the metabolism. The parts of the green tea for this pill production are the leaf, leaf bud, and stem. During the process of extracting these parts, the important polyphenols molecules will be responsible for providing the weight loss benefit. Additionally, the antioxidants and other substances in green tea contribute to protecting the heart and blood vessels.

Polyphenols in green tea are also beneficial in preventing swelling and inflammation. Thus, people taking these pills will not only be able to lose weight but also lessen joint degeneration and protect cartilage between bones and. And this also adds on the differentiation of this product. Besides the power in losing weight, the green tea diet pills make sure you will lose the possibility to suffer from decreasing physical condition. Instead, these pills promote the overall well-being of the body. Inside green tea extract, there are also other polyphenols like flavonoids and catechins, which lowers the risk of various cancers such as breast cancer, colorectal cancer, and prostate cancer.

Moreover, the catechins in green tea have other benefits as well. First, it lowers the risk of infection from bacteria and influenza virus. Second, it restrains the growth of Streptococcus. Third, it improves the overall dental health. So now you can imagine why these pills gain increasing popularity and favor from its users. It is not only a powerful weight loss pills but also a “natural formula” supplement for lasting health. Another wondrous mechanism of the green tea extract is to lower the blood sugar levels. As a result, it reduces the risk of type II diabetes.


  • Green tea (Camellia sinensis 20:1 ratio)

People commonly use leaves and leaf buds of Camellia sinensis plant to produce many kinds of teas. Typically, they steam or pan-frying the leaves then dry them for longer usage. Additionally, black tea and oolong tea involves the process of fermenting or partially fermenting the leaves. However, this writing, of course, does not serve the purpose of showing how to make tea. In fact, the process of making tea by steaming, frying, drying and fermenting may lose some polyphenols. By contrast, extracting the tea can remain the properties of polyphenols. Also, the Evolution Slimming Green Tea contains up to 95% of polyphenol strength. And this means that green tea capsule form is stronger than drinking tea. Most importantly, the green tea diet pills is an excellent alternative for drinking tea.

  • Bulking Agent (Microcrystalline Cellulose)

This inactive ingredient acts as a fat substitute and an emulsifier. It has excellent compressibility properties, and that’s why it helps to maintain the dose form. Also, as it is an inactive ingredient, it is safe when in reasonable quantities.

  • Capsule Shell (HPMC)

Also, this inactive ingredient should not be a worry. In fact, it is a common excipient for oral tablet and capsule formulation. Its primary functions are to act as the release agent, a binder and a component of tablet coating. When taken orally, it delays the release of the pharmaceutical compound into the digestive tract.

  • Anticaking Agent (Magnesium Stearate)

In the manufacture of the medical tablets, capsules, and powder, magnesium stearate acts as an anti-adherent. And as it has lubricating properties, it protects the main ingredients from sticking to producing equipment during the compression of the powders into the solid capsules. As a result, this anticaking agent is commonly used to lubricate the tablets and dry the coating of the capsules.

Pros and Cons


  • Natural ingredient

So we all know how beneficial the green tea. And I think the green tea diet pills do a great job in utilizing the value of this herb in fat burning. Also, as today people have the tendency in using “from-natural” products, this brand name comes as a perfect solution. And the best part is, swallowing a pill is much more enjoyable than drinking a cup of green tea. Honest to say, the taste of green tea is challenging. Not to mention that the extract in the pills has a larger amount of polyphenol than that in the tea. As a result, many people actually came to this product because of this feature.

green tea diet pills

  • High performance

So for the big question – Does it really work?, the short answer is Yes. Specifically, the Green Tea Extra Strength in particular and Evolution Slimming, in general, are under the protection of Trusted Shops Buyer. Besides, this product offers the 30-day money back guarantee. So if you already took the pills after a long while and thought it is just not for you, you can contact Evolution Slimming for the refund. Last but not least, the Green Tea Extra Strength offers 100% safe and secure payment. These proofs are to show you how this brand name actually respects its users and works with high-class ethics.

  • Additional values

As repeated in my review, the Green Tea Extra Strength is not only one of the best weight loss pills that utilize natural formula. Also, it is a top-notch supplement for the overall fitness.  So if you are looking for a diet pill that works well without requiring you to compromise your health, the Green Tea Extra Strength is a perfect choice. Besides helping you to reach the weight goal, this diet pill can promote the strength of joints, muscles, and brain. Thus, the Green Tea Extra Strength acts as an energy booster for the whole body.


  • No exact number for the weight loss result

There is no guarantee for the exact amount of weight you can put off after taking these pills. In fact, the result of this weight loss pills vary from person to person, and you had better consult the reviews of the results. However, what you can be sure is that this product has been enjoying a massive load of compliments that you can see on the official website or any other intermediary site. Finally, the result for weight loss effect also depends on how you can commit to the pills. In other words, regular consumption of the pills in one month is much more likely to help you reach the weight loss than occasional use can do.

  • Side effects

Even though there are just a few side effects of the Green Tea Extra Strength are reported, there should be a still serious consideration into this. Common side effects are insomnia and anxiety. And these symptoms often associates with the caffeine properties in green tea. Also, there are some shreds of evidence showing that high levels of green tea extract can interfere with the absorption of iron from certain plant foods. So for those who are prone to iron deficiencies, seeking advice from doctors and pharmacy experts are always recommended.

Who should and should not use it?

As the Green Tea Extra Strength is a natural formula for weight loss, there should be no worry about taking this product. Furthermore, these pills are 100% compatible with vegetarians and vegans. So for those who are not happy with their weight, the Green Tea Extra Strength is a good deal. And what makes the Green Tea Extra Strength wins over other weight loss products is that I can harness the full power of the high-value herb.

How many times have you read the description of a medicine and freak out because you do not understand what the ingredients even mean? As a matter of fact, even though there may be the guarantee for the performance, the feeling when taking in chemicals into your body is never good. Most of the today buyers are switching to use products from nature. And even Victoria Beckham relies on Phu Erh tea to keep herself slim. So that’s the reason why the natural concept of the Green Tea Extra Strength is now gaining the popularity and favor from its targets.

However, please note that people under the age of 18 are not recommended to use this product. In fact, this statement also applies to all weight loss pills. Additionally, Green Tea Extra Strength is also not suitable for people taking prescription medication or antidepressants, people with sensitivity to caffeine. Similarly, people with a diagnose condition or eating disorder, especially heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, or hyperthyroidism should not use the product. Finally, the Green Tea Extra Strength is not suitable for pregnant and locating mothers. It is crucial to note the precautions of this product because we definitely do not want to suffer from any unexpected results.

Usage and advice

As s dietary supplement, you can take 1 to 3 capsules every day with water. In order not to forget to take the pills, set a repeated alarm every day. Also, may people have been so confused about at which time can they take the pills. Is it before, after, or during each meal, or in the morning after getting up? In fact, the answer depends on your choice. Simply take this as drinking a cup of water, and as it is a natural product, it won’t cause any reaction whenever you take it. Instead, the more important thing to remember is the frequency of taking the pills. As I elaborated, the continual consumption of the green tea diet pills is always highly advisable.

Also, the Green Tea Extra Strength contains an insignificant amount of caffeine that can affect slightly to your sleeping hobby. So for those who want to eliminate caffeine from their diet, consider reducing the number of pills per day. This product has natural ingredients, but with those who are taking medication, you had better consults medical advice for your own safety. However, there should not be any much worry and problems relating to the pills themselves.


In short, the Green Tea Extra Strength is one of the highest reputable green tea diet pills on today market. And if you are looking for the best weight loss pills with natural formula, this product is exactly what you need. Not to mention that it has the power to help you lose weight while boosting your physical condition. Tell me if there is anything more you want to clarify on this product. Thank you for reading this piece of writing, hope it helps.