FenFast 375 Reviews – How I Lost 15-25 Pounds Within A Month?

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Weight loss supplements are one of the most controversial topics when people look for a solution to lose weight. However, they’re also one of the first things that come to our mind when thinking of an extra support. Of course, we all want to invest in products that work effectively and safely without causing side effects or unusual symptoms. But the question is where they are.

Yes! It’s right here, right in this post where we’re going to show you everything about an outstanding weight loss supplement called FenFast 375. There is the science behind this product that makes it one of the best choices for dieters. Check our FenFast 375 reviews to find out everything!

What is FenFast 375?

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FenFast 375 is a top-rated weight loss supplement made by Intechra Health – a famous American manufacturer that has spread their reputation throughout the dietary supplement market. It comes in the form of white and blue speckled tablets that have been tested through clinical studies to accomplish a safe and non-prescribed product, in which all of the pharmacological-grade ingredients are combined into a synthetic yet powerful formula.

Thousands of dieters of all ages (over 18) and weights have been using FenFast 375 as an extra part of a healthy diet plan, and the proof is their satisfaction. Briefly, the pill helps you suppress appetite, increase metabolism as well as boost energy, and consequently, burn stored fat quickly. As these benefits are associated in a single product, it’ll give you a top-notch choice for your weight-loss goal. It’s also FDA and GMP approached for the safety.

What Are the Ingredients of FenFast 375?

  • Beta Phenylethylamine

Being abbreviated to β-PEA, this ingredient is a trace amine and the key ingredient of FenFast 375. It has been clinically proven for two major benefits: burning fat and increasing energy expenditure. In particular, as it requires energy to complete its basic functions, it tends to use the energy coming from stored body fat.

Moreover, β-PEA is an appetite suppressant. This way, it helps you go through the day without the feeling of craving for food. This is especially productive for those who are trying to follow a limited diet. So, in overall, β-PEA has many positive effects on helping people lose weight more quickly and easily.

  • 1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine

Also called Caffeine Anhydrous, this ingredient is a powerful synthesized stimulant that can boost both metabolism and thermogenesis. As the metabolism reaches to higher performance, it forces your body to consume more calories. As the body temperature increases, more fat will be burned. These processes together encourage the fat mass reduction, and what you’ll get is the decrease of the overall weight.

In addition, Caffeine is well-known for its energy boosting capability as well as alertness promotion. These effects help you become more active and determined for a consistent exercise routine, so you can cut extra weight much easier.

  • L-Theanine

It’s a natural amino acid which is found in tea. Scientists have shown that using this ingredient alone doesn’t have a strong effect on cutting weight. So, they decide to combine it with others, and the magic happens when it found the right partner – Caffeine – as both of them are amplified their benefits when being combined.

Firstly, they help to reduce the common side effects of each other, headaches for example. Secondly, they boost the ability to increase memory and alertness as well as decreasing stress and anxiety. Consequently, you’ll find yourself more relaxed while dieting. Finally, the combination helps them block the fat production.

  • Hordenine

Also called Anhaline or Peyocactin, it’s another natural ingredient that is found in a variety of plants. It can be used as a stand-alone ingredient or mixed with others to create a formulation (the case of FenFast 375). In terms of benefits, it’s proven to encourage energy level and promote mood. This way, it helps you stave off fatigue which is a popular issue that dieters have to struggle.

What Are the Benefits of FenFast 375?

FenFast 375 simply gives you all of the advantages that you need to get back your sexy body. In fact, it works as a nervous system stimulant to provide you with the ultimate benefits, including:

  • Appetite Suppressant

By reducing your craving for food, FenFast directly helps you solve one of the most challenging obstacles that most dieters endeavor and fail – eating less. This way, it helps you dull your appetite and stay away from mindless snacks that you used to desire in the past. When combined with a low-calorie diet, it significantly reduces the daily caloric intake.

  • Metabolism and Thermogenesis Enhancement

Both of these processes play an important role in cutting extra weight. If they run slowly, they can impede all of your effort and time. FenFast 375 has the ability to make them work faster, which forces your body to burn calories and fat throughout the day, during exercise and even you’re sleeping. Just make sure you combine FenFast with a good exercise routine.

  • Energy Release

By providing you with an extra source of energy, FenFast 375 helps you stop the sluggish feeling and hunger pangs caused by eating less. Even better, it boosts your energy level so that you can feel more productive to keep up an active lifestyle. You’ll also maintain the concentration and motivation which are very necessary for losing weight.

How Should You Take FenFast 375?

You’re suggested to take 4 tablets of FenFast 375 each day. In particular, two in the morning before breakfast and two before lunch, with a glass of water, approximately 30 minutes before each meal. Each bottle contains 120 tablets, so you’ll have a 30-day supply.


  • Never exceed the recommended dosage.
  • Never double the next dose if you miss the previous one.
  • Don’t take it within 5 hours of sleep because the caffeine can interrupt your sleep at night.
  • Reduce the consumption of caffeine-containing beverages, such as coffee, while taking it.
  • If you’re sensitive to caffeine, you might start with a half dosage.

How Many Pounds Can You Lose with FenFast 375?

I would suggest this product to anyone – both women and men – looking to lose 15-25 pounds in a month (based on the company’s claim). However, you should keep in mind that this amazing result is only obtained when you can significantly decrease your daily caloric intake and increase your daily exercise level. The stricter plan you follow, the better result you will get!

Personally, I’ve been taking FenFast375 for a month, and I can feel the big change in my body. In particular, thirteen pounds have been cut off my body. I used to eat a lot, but now my appetite is lower than ever before. I also experience a noticeable increase in my energy level. I’m very happy with the product and will continue to use it until I’ve reached my desired weight loss goal.

Fenfast 375 reviews

On the official website, there are many positive feedbacks from customers who have been using FenFast 375. I list some of them for you: Michele L. (4 pounds in a week), El A. (7 pounds in a week), James P. (7 pounds in 3 weeks), Mary J. (28 pounds in 6 months), Rob. W (9 pounds in 2 months), and so on.

Does FenFast 375 Have Any Potential Side Effect?

FenFast 375 doesn’t include any prescribed ingredient and addiction in its formula, so it does NOT cause any serious side effect. However, since it does contain stimulants, there is the likelihood of experiencing a few allergic reactions, such as jittery, to those who are sensitive to stimulants. Other side effects include bloating, sleepless, headache, diarrhea, dry mouth and nausea. Luckily, they are very mild.

One thing for sure, FenFast 375 is far safer to take than prescription diet pills to lose weight fast, such as Phentermine that might cause severe side effects and is only recommend to use in the short term. There is no doubt that it’s an over the counter Phentermine that you should put your faith upon. You can continue to take it as long as you want to lose weight.

Who Should Not Take FenFast 375?

The pill is not intended for children under 18 years old, pregnant or nursing mothers as well as people currently taking any prescription drug. In addition, if your clinical record has high blood pressure, asthma, Parkinson’s disease, depression, anemia, glaucoma, recurrent headaches or diseases related to heart, liver and kidney, you should consult your doctor before taking FenFast 375.

In case you experience severe symptoms, including rapid heartbeat, severe headaches and shortness of breath, stop using it and call a doctor immediately.

How to Buy FenFast 375

  • Where to buy: You should order FenFast 375 from its official website which is also the trustiest address to get the product. Recently, it’s not available on Amazon. Keep in mind that there are copycat websites selling fake products with similar names, so don’t become a stupid customer.
  • Free shipping: It’s only provided for orders of 3 bottles or more. Otherwise, you have to pay $15 for shipping fee. You’ll have to wait for 3-5 business days for delivery. If you’re not living in the US, the international shipping may cause an unexpected delay in the delivery.
  • Discount: The price of each bottle is $49 which is really affordable amongst diet supplements. If you order two bottles, you’ll save $9 which is the discount. If you order three bottles, you’ll receive another FREE one, so the total price of these four bottles is only $129.
  • Guarantee: Each bottle of FenFast 375 comes with a 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. The company will be happy to provide a refund if you’re not satisfied with your product. Note that the shipping fee will not be refunded.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work for men and women?

Yes! It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman. FenFast 375 works great with both.

Is FenFast 375 available in stores?

No! It’s only sold via the official website.

Do I need a prescription to use FenFast 375?

No! There is no prescription needed to use it.


FenFast 375 is the ultimate solution for all dieters. It’s non-prescribed, and thus, doesn’t require any prescription from a doctor before taken. Its effeteness and safety are proven by men and women all over the world with glowing FenFast 375 reviews and testimonials.

Now, it’s time for you to open a new chapter of your life. Let’s get back your sexy body. If you forget where to buy FenFast 375, its official website is all you need.

Thank you for reading! If you have any question, don’t be shy to ask us. We will answer all!

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